Aksara Pibul Journal

〉 Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, Pibulsongkram Rajabhat University

〉 Aksara Pibul Journal aims to create a platform for academic knowledge exchange in the field of humanities. It welcomes articles that may include research articles, theses, general articles, and book reviews related to humanities in both Thai and English languages. The objective is to develop the journal’s quality to be indexed in the Thai Journals Citation Index (TCI) in the future.

〉 Print journal and online (E-Journal) published twice a year (every 6 months), the first issue from January to June, and the second issue from July to December.

General Article Requirements

1. Academic articles of interest in the study of languages in the Eastern languages (Thai, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, etc.), Western languages (English, French, etc.), Thai literature, philosophy, music, and library science. The articles can be research articles, theses, or book reviews related to humanities. Abstracts in both Thai and at least 3-5 keywords should be provided.

2. The original article should not exceed 15 pages of B5-sized paper.

3. The article must be in either Thai or English language, except in cases where other languages are required for samples, consider the font size in the character format.

4. The article will be evaluated by at least 2 qualified reviewers (double-blind peer review).